Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drop It Modern: fresh looks for a cool price

Do you ever look at other pictures and wish, "If I could, I would have cool backdrops like that. And if I did, it would make all the difference!" There is a company out there called Drop It Modern that makes that wish become a reality. They make a great line of backdrops available at an affordable rate. They are unique, high quality and designed by professional photographers. Just look at some of the options:

So go ahead and check out The possibilities are endless when you have a darling backdrop.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pro Digital Photo Books

Are your pictures simply surviving as dormant files on your computer? Does anybody look at them anymore? A great way to preserve your memories is to create a photo book.

At Pro Digital, our photo books are completely customizable -- from backgrounds to layout to borders -- and can be created using our FREE software download. Sizes begin at 5x7" and go to 12x12", ranging from simple photo flip books to beautiful full-size digital scrapbooks. So move on from your pictures rotating on the computer screen saver to creating something tangible you can all enjoy!

You can learn more about this service (including pricing details) by clicking here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Take Pictures of Fireworks

Summer has great photo opportunities everywhere you turn. But one of the most spectacular Summertime scene is fireworks. Check out these tips as you prepare to capture those moments.
  • Bring a tripod and flashlight to the firework display.
  • If you don't have firework mode, set your camera to manual mode: ISO 200, aperture f/8, and shutter speed between 5 and 15 seconds. After you take a few pictures, take a look at how they are turning out, and adjust the shutter speed accordingly (leave the ISO and f-stop alone).
  • Include a landmark in the photo, such as a statue, stadium, park, lake, or whatever the surrounding area includes. As the fireworks explode, they will light up the landmark beautifully.
  • Remember that fireworks come fast and furious during the finale of the show. Therefore, you may need to decrease your shutter speed. 15 seconds will likely be overexposed during the finale. Try 5 seconds instead.

Good luck! Be sure and share some of your experiments with us. And just think of the photo book cover possibilities...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Say Hello to "jill-e designs"

Extraordinary "Pro" camera bags by jill-e designs deliver function and fashion...everything the serious female photographer needs to do her best, and to look her best.

*From day bags, to personal pouches, to large rolling travel bags.
*Leather, suede and other stylish head turning colors.
*Magnetic clasps, extra pockets and other features women want.

So go ahead! Look extraordinary....with jill-e designs!