Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top Ten Tips for Better Photos

We found a great list of tips to help everyone become a better photographer. You can see the complete list with added details by clicking here.
1. Move in Closer
Each time you see a subject, take a shot and then move in closer for a better one.
2. Be Quick
Don't lose your subject because you are making sure your knobs and buttons are set correctly. There is no such thing as taking too many pictures.

3. Compose Your Picture with Care
Your eye should be able to move along an interesting path. Use the rule of thirds.
4. Be Selective
Try and keep unwanted and distracting subjects out of the picture.
5. Focus on Your Subject
Practice changing your f-stop and creating a different depth-of-field specific to what you are a shooting.
6. Experiment with Shutter Speed
Play around with different lenses and different speeds. You will be surprised what you end up capturing.
7. Look at the Light
Be aware of the light, inside or out, and which way your shadows are falling.
8. Watch the Weather, too
Remember the color of the sky will affect the colors in your picture. If it is overcast, it will mute the colors. Where as a bright and vivid sky can add color.
9. Keep your Camera Setting Simple
Find a simple setting or two that seems to work the best. That way you control the settings instead of them controlling you.
10. Be Bold
Don't be afraid to get the shot that you want. Be daring!

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