Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Photography

Babies are notoriously one of the hardest subjects to photograph, so the number one rule here is patience. Do not plan to spend just a few minutes and come away with a great shot (if that happens, you are lucky!). Instead, devote enough time (an hour or so) to get the shot you want. Don't use a flash; it can startle the baby and the light is very harsh in the photo. Instead, use the natural, diffused light from a window with the shade open. You can use the baby's favorite blankets and pillows in the shot, which serve both as visual props and modeling tools to help position the baby. You can also place him or her in a car seat, but use a blanket under the baby so the car seat does not appear in the shot.

Once you are ready to shoot, it is helpful to have the baby's mom or dad standing right over your shoulder to get his or her attention. If you are alone, you will have a hard time engaging the baby since you are behind your camera. Take detailed, close up shots (remember, no flash) of the baby's face, especially as he or she reacts to something that Mom or Dad is doing. Close ups of the little hands and/or feet are also great shots, especially when you can add a parent's hand or foot in the shot as well to show the contrast between the two. Finally, if the baby is old enough, place him or her on a blanket, and allow the baby to naturally prop up on their belly using their arms. Position yourself in between the window and the baby, so he or she is looking at you and the natural light from behind is hitting him or her. This is a classic baby shot, a must-have for all parents!

Once you've gotten the shot, use post-production tools to warm up the color tones (I will talk about post-production tools in upcoming posts), and try converting some to black and white for the perfect, timeless baby shot. But above all else, remember to be patient, and take frequent breaks as needed (the baby will let you know when he or she needs a break!).

Friday, January 22, 2010

We are Moving.....soon!

Pro Digital Photos is moving to Main St. Pleasant Grove!! It's really only a 2 block move. LOL, but we are really excited to have more space. We will announce our new location on March 1st when it opens!

I am also now the new City Chairman in charge of Marketing for Down Town Main Street in Pleasant Grove. My goal is to have all the vacant properties on Main St. 100% occupied by the end of 2010. I will keep you posted every time a new business moves to our street. By 2011, PG Main St. will be a super cute destination shopping area for women. I just can't wait!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Look/New Product

Yes, this our new Pro Digital Photos blog. It has a new look....and I LOVE it! I told you I had a lot of new ideas for 2010, and there is no better way to kick off the new year then with a new fun look.

Well lets get started on the new fun stuff.

We now have our "Simply Walls" ready to order. These walls create a fun way to display your favorite photos in your home. We have 10 walls to choose from. Check them out now!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good News & Bad News

Good News: We are having so much fun at this photo convention we are at right now in Nashville. We have SOOOOOO many ideas for new products we will be launching for the year 2010! We are going to launch at least one new product per month. We know everyone will be excited to stay tuned for what is to come.

Bad News: Since we will be devoting so much time and energy in growing our business for our customers to have more fun stuff, we have decided to put our monthly photo contests on hold. We will not be having the monthly photo contest for 2010. Of course we loved and know our viewers loved seeing the entries every month, but we just don't have time for both this year.

Thanks for everyone's understanding and for all the great entries we have had. :)

We look forward to an exciting and very creative 2010!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digital Mats

Digital mats are a great new way to display your photos. Add some style to your images with these great designs. Fun and easy to create with the ability to add text above or below the photo if desired. They come in a variety of sizes such as 8x10, 11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 20x24, and 24x30. Create on today!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Best of Utah Valley

In the latest issue of the Utah Valley Magazine, Pro Digital Photos was listed in the top 3 for "BEST LOCAL BLOGGER." We are so excited to have a mention in this category! Click on the image below to be taken to the online version of the magazine. We are listed on page 41.